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Rio Febrian

Singer Rio Febrian says that he had a hard time making his fifth album.  For his album entitled The Greatest Indonesian Song, in which he covers old songs, Rio had to get permission to record his own version of the selected songs.

“It is a little complicated because I had to ask for permission from the songwriters,” Rio, 32, said.

Rio also had trouble singing two songs, “Angin Malam” (the Night Wind) and “Mawar Berduri” (the Thorny Rose) by the late Broery Marantika, who had a strong character to his voice.

Rio said that this album was much more challenging when compared to his previous album. However, despite the challenges, he did enjoy recording it.

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Rock band Slank auctioned off a guitar to raise money for orphans. The guitar was signed by the three members of the group; Kaka (vocals), Bimbim (drums) and Ivan (bass).

The starting bid was Rp 2 million (US$205.72) and Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas won the auction with a winning bid of Rp 7.5 million.

Banyuwangi, East Java, is the first stop on Slank’s tour. The band will also perform in Ngawi and Blitar, also in East Java, Banjarmasin, in South Kalimantan and Manado, in North Sulawesi.

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lola amaria
Actress-director-producer Lola Amaria says that she will not be affected by any subsidized fuel price rise as she has long used Pertamax non-subsidized fuel.

“I’ve been using Pertamax for a long time. But I am a freelancer, which means I stay at home if I don’t have to go anywhere,” the 35-year-old said as quoted by

However, the actress, who had a leading role in the movie Penari (the Dancer), acknowledged that the high price of fuel would impact daily needs.

“If it [the fuel price] goes up, the price of other stuff will go up. This is normal because it happens in other countries,” Lola, a former model, said.

She believes that continuing to subsidize fuel does not benefit people.

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Model Arzeti Bilbina says the late president Abdurrahman “Gus Dur” Wahid inspired her to jump into politics.

“I decided to join The National Awakening Party [PKB] because the party’s founder, Gus Dur, was my role model. From him, I learned about democracy and pluralism,” she said.

Arzeti said it was not an easy decision to choose a party.

“Before I joined the PKB, there were several parties that asked me to join them, but I was not ready. In addition, the PKB has given me room to keep doing what I am doing now,” she said.

Arzeti said she had made some preparations, including gaining political knowledge, before joining the party.

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carrisa putri
Actress Carissa Putri says she is excited as she and her husband Navies are expecting a baby.

“I’m four-and-a-half months pregnant, but I don’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl yet,” she said as quoted by

Carissa, who got married in March last year, said she was lucky because she did not have any cravings during her first months of pregnancy.

“I did not crave anything, neither did my husband,” Carissa said.

Although still five months away, she said she had prepared everything for the birth, especially her psychological side, because she wanted to give birth naturally.

“I’m ready, psychologically. But I haven’t thought about a name yet, we’ll do that later,” she said.

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nicholas saputra 2

Actor Nicholas Saputra said after visiting many remote areas last year he wanted to explore more of the world’s cities this year.

The actor from What They Don’t Talk About When They Talk About Love said he hoped the experience would give him inspiration.

“Last week I went to New York and several cities in France. While I was there I enjoyed Broadway shows, art exhibitions and lots of new food,” Nicholas said.

He said that before he embarked on culinary adventures he would ask his friends for recommendations.

“I always ask my friends because they are food lovers too,” he said.

source: thejakartapost

darius sinatrya
Actor and sports presenter Darius Sinathrya and his wife Donna Agnesia love soccer, and they encourage their sons; Lionel Nathan and Diego Andreas, to love the game as well.

“We want to transmit our soccer hobby to our boys. We want them to engage in sport instead of playing games,” Darius, who acted in the movie Naga Bonar, said.

Darius said that their first son Lionel was a soccer fan and knew the names of many players.

“The boys have been introduced to football and they like it. I’ve been teaching them several techniques,” the 27-year-old said.

source: via thejakartapost

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