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Han Hye Jin_interview_a

Aktris Han Hye Jin membantah isu yang mengatakan bahwa dirinya dan pesepakbola Ki Sung Yeung akan menggelar pernikahan yang mewah. Han menjelaskan rencana pernikahannya dengan lebih detil melalui akun twitternya.

“Ini Han Hye Jin. Lama tidak bersua,” tulisnya.

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jang geun suk

Aktor Jang Keun Suk membawa pernk-perniknya ke Sibuya, pusat kota Tokyo, Jepang.

Menurut sejumlah media lokal, Jang menghadiri pembukaan toko pernah-perninya yang bernama ASia Prince.

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hayria faturachman

Busy with her acting career, model and actress Hayria Faturrahman is diving into the world of business, learning every step of the way.

The 26-year-old younger sister of model Ananda Faturrahman and actress Adelia Faturrahman, who is married to Sheila on 7 rock band vocalist Duta Modjo, has followed her siblings’ footsteps into the glitz business by winning a teen magazine’s cover girl contest.

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Actress and former None Jakarta Maudi Koesnaedi will organize her fourth Betawi theater performance, Soekma Djaja.

As the producer of the show and the founder of Abang None Jakarta Alliance, she said she would involve the talents of former Abang None winners in the show at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta Arts on June 5 and 6.

“We didn’t invite any guest stars, I just want to try to dig deeper the talents of the former winners,” she said.

A total of 30 Abang None winners will participate in the show featuring both traditional and contemporary arts.

Soekma Djaja is the story of the journey of a Gambang Kromong group amid the economic hardship.


source: via thejakartapost

indah kalalo

Model, actress and presenter Indah Kalalo wants her daughter Ayanna to master many languages when she grows up.

“Besides English and Indonesian, I want her to also learn local languages — Manado or Javanese for example,” she said.

Indah said that she and her husband, Australian Justin Werner, had made a decision to raise their 1-year-old daughter in a multilingual environment.

“He talks to Ayanna in English, while I use both English and Indonesian,” she said, adding that her daughter can already say some basic words.

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Fatin Shidqia Lubis won the first X Factor Indonesia, beating fellow contestant Novita Dewi.

The 16-year-old went all out at the show’s grand finale on Friday, singing “Well Well Well” by Duffy.

Rock star and jury member Ahmad Dhani said that he enjoyed Fatin’s performance, adding that she deserved to win.

Another juror, the glamorous Paris-based chanteuse Anggun, had some advice for Fatin after her spirited performance.

“First of all, good luck. Second, don’t forget about the people who have supported you along the way,” Anggun said.

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tio pakusadewo
Tio Pakusadewo says that the nation needs to make more movies about Indonesian culture to develop the local movie industry.

“Our strength is cultural. Many foreign people would like to know about our culture,” Tio said.

The actor, who played Soeharto in the film Habibie and Ainun, had praise for the recent production of several Indonesian movies that touted local and national heroes.

“A movie that tells about a hero must have cultural values in it. And that’s good,” Tio said.


Source: via thejakartapost

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