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Taiwanese Actor Bolin Chen Signs With Same Agency as Ha Ji Won, Stepping into Korean Entertainment Industry

Aktor Taiwan Bolin Chen mencoba peruntungannya di industri hiburan Korea. Ia bergabung dengan BM Plus Entertainment, agensi yang menaungi aktris Ha Ji Won.

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Penyanyi Se7en dan Sangchoo sedang diselidiki karena mengunjung panti pijat saat bertugas.

Skandal ini terkuak setelah stasiun televisi SBS menayangkan kegiatan yang diadakan pihak tentara Korsel devisi humas dalam acara berjudul ‘In Depth 21’.

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Actress Atiqah Hasiholan says that although she only first started to become interested in cooking last year, she has already experimented with her newfound interest in food preparation.

“It’s not a hobby yet, but I’ve taken a liking to it. My family and my boyfriend often ask me to cook, so I try make what they want,” she said.

Atiqah, who played in Mirror Never Lies, said her father often asked her to cook chicken curry, and her siblings liked ayam taliwang (a local dish from Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara).

However, she said she found that Indonesian food was difficult to prepare.

“Indonesian meals are quite complicated to cook. When I was in Australia, I used to only cook simple things,” she said.

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Girl band JKT 48 is hoping to make it onto the big screen, saying that acting is already part of its role as an entertainer.

Melody, one of the band’s members, said that the band would often incorporate theatrical performances during concerts, which is how the band got used to acting.

“We dance, sing and act too,” she said.

Melody said the girls would definitely accept an offer to turn their story as a band into a feature film as it would be a good way to prove themselves as entertainers.

Currently, the group is busy touring across five cities. After Makassar, they will perform in Solo, Balikpapan, Surabaya and Jakarta.


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Han Hye Jin_interview_b

Han Hye Jin menitikkan air matanya jika mengingat ia akan meninggalkan sang bunda di Korea.

Ceritanya ini diungkapkan dalam acara ‘Healing Camp’ yang ditayangkan, Senin (24/06/2013) malam di stasiun SBS.

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2PM last concert

Boyband 2PM menyelesaikan tur Asia mereka selama 7 bulan. Tur bertajuk ‘What Time Is It’ pekan lalu berakhir di Jamsil Sport COmplex di Selatan Seoul.

Sebelum menemui 15.000 penggemarnya, 2PM menemui wartawan untuk melakukan jumpa pers.

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Penyanyi Baek Ji Young akan menerima 5 juta won atau sekitar Rp. 42,7 juta dari klinik bedah plastik. Hal ini disampaikan pengadilan wilayah Seoul Pusat.

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