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Pembaca Asiakoe…..

Mulai tanggal 1 Oktober 2015, kami akan mulai fokus memberikan berita-berita hiburan dan budaya Asia melalui website terbaru kami di ASIAKOE.COM

Kami tidak lagi menggunakan blog ini karena kami ingin Asiakoe bisa lebih berkembang dan memuaskan seluruh pembaca.

Terima kasih atas kesetiaan para pembaca yang telah memberikan Like maupun komentar di blog ini.

Semoga ke depannya kami akan lebih memuaskan seluruh pembaca.

Ini alamat website kami yang sudah mulai diaktifkan sejak September 2015:

nuri maulida_hijab

Actress Nuri Maulida has added fashion designing as her new interest, collaborating with her mother in Nuri Maulida Fashion since last year.

Nuri is famous for playing in soap operas and movies.

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 Frontman and vocalist Nazriel Irham in Noah, a documentary on the band’s journey

Frontman and vocalist Nazriel Irham in Noah, a documentary on the band’s journey

Riding their second-chance popularity, pop-rock band Noah – formerly famous as Peterpan – is ready to release a self-titled rockumentary directed by Putrama Tuta in November.

Although the film also includes the band’s formative years as Peterpan, it focuses on Noah’s rise from their career rock bottom.

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karina salim

Budding actress Karina Salim has just entered the world of cinema and is getting involved in more projects.

The 21-year-old’s name has been in entertainment news in the past few months, thanks to her first two films being screened in May, namely, What They don’t Talk about When They Talk about Love and Pintu Harmonika (Harmonica’s door).

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Rising model and actress Eriska Rein, 19, finds acting to be challenging work. Making her way to the entertainment business through modeling for a teen magazine, Eriska’s acting talent was discovered by director Rudi Sudjarwo. Eriska has acted in many TV series, as well as two feature films, Negeri 5 Menara (The Land of Five Towers) and Cinta Brontosaurus (Brontosaurus Love).

“A funny thing happened during a shoot of my most recent movie, Cinta Brontosaurus. The movie oddly used a monkey as my brother.

There were scenes where I had to interact closely with the monkey. Suddenly, during one of the scenes, the hyperactive monkey pulled my hair- it hurt me since it was very strong yet the whole shooting experience was fun after all.

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yoo in na

Bagi aktris Yoo In Na, menghabiskan waktu dua jam setiap sore untuk mendengarkan kisah dari pendengar saat ia menjadi pembawa acara radio di acara ‘Volume Up’ di KBS 2 PM adalah sebuah kesenangan.

“Aku suka membaca buku dengan keras dan mendengarkan kisah pendengar radio,” ujar Yoo In Na.

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hayria faturachman

Busy with her acting career, model and actress Hayria Faturrahman is diving into the world of business, learning every step of the way.

The 26-year-old younger sister of model Ananda Faturrahman and actress Adelia Faturrahman, who is married to Sheila on 7 rock band vocalist Duta Modjo, has followed her siblings’ footsteps into the glitz business by winning a teen magazine’s cover girl contest.

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