Lola opts for non-subsidized fuel

Posted on: May 4, 2013

lola amaria
Actress-director-producer Lola Amaria says that she will not be affected by any subsidized fuel price rise as she has long used Pertamax non-subsidized fuel.

“I’ve been using Pertamax for a long time. But I am a freelancer, which means I stay at home if I don’t have to go anywhere,” the 35-year-old said as quoted by

However, the actress, who had a leading role in the movie Penari (the Dancer), acknowledged that the high price of fuel would impact daily needs.

“If it [the fuel price] goes up, the price of other stuff will go up. This is normal because it happens in other countries,” Lola, a former model, said.

She believes that continuing to subsidize fuel does not benefit people.

source: via thejakartapost

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