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Siapa sangka, ada orang Indonesia yang ikut main drama Korea. Ini buktinya.

Seorang gadis bernama Yannie Kim ikut bermain di drama ‘Yong Pal’ yang ditayangkan di stasiun SBS setiap hari Rabu dan Kamis.

Meski hanya mendapat peran kecil, Yannie mendapat kesempatan beradu akting dengan aktor utama Joo Won yang memerankan tokoh Yong Pal.

Yannie akan tampil di episode ke-9 dan 10 sebagai salah satu pasien rumah sakit tempat Kim Tae Hyun (Joo Won) bekerja.

Yannie memerankan seorang pasien yang akan melahirkan bayi prematur yang nantinya akan dibantu oleh Kim Tae Hyun. Lewat akun Instagram pribadinya, Yannie mengunggah foto saat dirinya sedang di lokasi syuting.

Yannie tampak berbaring di tempat tidur. Sementara di sisi tempat tidur terlihat Joo Won sedang berdiri dan siap beradu akting dengan perempuan asal Indonesia itu.





Film Animasi Korea Berjudul ‘You Are So Yummy’ akan Dirilis di Tiongkok

Film animasi produksi Korea Selatan berjudul ‘You Are So Yummy – Happy to Be With You’ akan dirilis pada bulan Januari 2015 di Tiongkok.

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Eru masih tetap menjadi idola di Indonesia.

Ia mendapat kesempatan untuk muncul di sitkom, Kontrakan Tiga Pintu (KTP) di stasiun televisi Trans.

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nuri maulida_hijab

Actress Nuri Maulida has added fashion designing as her new interest, collaborating with her mother in Nuri Maulida Fashion since last year.

Nuri is famous for playing in soap operas and movies.

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carrisa putri

Actress Carissa Putri says she is going to limit her work in showbiz as she is currently pregnant with her first child.

The 28-year-old said she wants to focus more on her health and her pregnancy.

“I am no longer taking offers to play in a movie or sinetron [soap opera] because they take too much of my time. But I will still star in FTV (film television) because the schedule is easier to follow,” she said.

The actress of Ayat-ayat Cinta (Verses of Love) said her husband always supported her activities, but asked her to always take care of herself.

“I must take care of myself, won’t let myself be too tired. It’s getting bigger, and the baby kicks so hard now,” Carissa, who is seven months pregnant, said.

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dewi sandra berjilbab

Dewi Sandra said she was nervous when she had to walk on the runway during the Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week.

“This is my first time walking on the catwalk wearing Muslim clothes. I was nervous and afraid of stumbling down,” the singer said.

dewi Luckily, the show went well as she could walk successfully down the runway.

Dewi said she did not do any rehearsals prior to the event, trying to do things naturally.

“I just tried to enjoy it, and I did it,” she said.


Singer and actress Julia Perez said that she used to steal food from offerings on trees when she was little.

“I really liked climbing trees, but not without reason,” Julia said .

The actress, known as Jupe, said that when she was little people used to place offerings for spirits that lived in trees. The offerings consisted of rice and chicken, sometimes money, flowers, young coconuts and other items.

“When I was little a lot of people placed offerings in the trees. I ate them, not the spirits,” she said. Jupe also said that she loved playing soccer and flying kites. “I used to be a tomboy, not like now. Jupe was once quiet and not talkative like now,” she said speaking in the third person.

Source: via thejakartapost

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