Hayria Faturrahman: Getting into clothing business

Posted on: May 28, 2013

hayria faturachman

Busy with her acting career, model and actress Hayria Faturrahman is diving into the world of business, learning every step of the way.

The 26-year-old younger sister of model Ananda Faturrahman and actress Adelia Faturrahman, who is married to Sheila on 7 rock band vocalist Duta Modjo, has followed her siblings’ footsteps into the glitz business by winning a teen magazine’s cover girl contest.

She made her acting debut in 2005, playing a leading role in teen horror flick Panggil Namaku Tiga Kali (Say My Name Three Times) directed by Koya Pagayo. After a number of TV movie stints, in 2007, she made the brave move of shaving off her hair to play a teenager cancer patient in Tentang Cinta (About Love).

In recent weeks, Hayria has been busy promoting her latest film 9 Autumns 10 Summers, in which she played a supporting role.

“I audition to play the tomboy older sister of the main character, but on consideration, the casting director said I looked too young to play the older sister, so I ended up playing a high school student instead. One of the most exciting scenes was set inside a drive-in movie theater in the cool city of Malang (East Java). The crew brought an old movie theater back to life by repairing it up and setting up a new screen. Their work was extraordinary — I felt like I had traveled back to the 1980’s.

My character and the main character were spending a Saturday night at the theater. We shot well into the early hours of the morning. It was very cold outside, so I stayed inside the car throughout the process.

Away from the movie sets, you can find me at a clothing shop I run in Bintaro, Tangerang. The shop is a recently opened branch of a clothing chain owned by Duta. He has agreed to take me under his wing and I am now his apprentice.

He has been running the business from his base in Yogyakarta since 2009, so this is a great chance to learn the business from him.
I was assigned to manage the Jakarta branch, which opened late last year and I learned the business from scratch.

We are still taking baby steps in the new shop. After managing the store in its daily operations, I am now getting into the clothing design side of the business. I have started designing shirts and dresses, but I have yet to get into the graphic design. I really want to get into this kind of business in the future. For now I am still learning and gaining the experience I need.”


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