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Playing Ainun in the successful movie, Ainun & Habibie, has caused serious damage to actress Bunga Citra Lestari’s hair.

The actress, who is fondly called by her acronym, BCL, ultimately decided to cut her hair short.

Many people have complained about her new look, including her manager and her son, Noah.

“At the beginning, my son was shocked when he saw me. But he’s more used to it now,” BCL, who is also a prominent singer, said as quoted by news portal

As for BCL’s opinion, she said she enjoyed her new hairstyle.


source: via thejakartapost

monica oemardi
Actress Monica Oemardi says that she often uses social media like Facebook as medium to communicate with her son, Joshua, who lives in Brunei Darussalam with her ex-husband, Andre.

“I can only meet him once every two years and therefore I use social media as a means to quench my longing for him,” she said.

She said that her chances of being able to chat with her son were good because Joshua was apparently not an outdoors person. She went on that Joshua was more like an indoor kid, preferring to stay in his room and in front of his computer.

Monica lives with her two daughters, Nicolle Graciella Putri and Louisa Charlotte Putri, in Jakarta.

source: via the jakarta post


Singer Arlan Djoewarsa has said that his wife, singer Astrid Sartiasari, cried when giving birth to their son Alec Djuara Djoewarsa, earlier this week. Arlan said Astrid cried when she could not give birth normally and decided to switch to a caesarean operation.

“Astrid was frustrated that she wasn’t strong enough [for normal childbirth]. I just couldn’t stand seeing her under so much pain. I supported her decision [to have the baby through caesarean],” he said.

Astrid said that Arlan was by her side all through the “smooth” childbirth process.

“The anesthesia was only local [during the childbirth], I could still hear what the doctor was saying. Arlan was brave. He stood by my side when there was so much blood. He talked to me through the process,” she said.

source: via the jakarta post


Celebrity chef Farah Quinn went to New Zealand on Thursday and will spend 10 days in the South Pacific nation with her son, Armand Fauzan Quinn.

“It’s amazing. The country is just so beautiful and the people are really friendly. It has a special place in my heart,” said the 32-year-old host of cooking show Ala Chef.

According to her, this will be the second time that she has visited New Zealand this year.

“If it’s New Zealand, I can never be bored,” she said, adding that she will try to search for local cuisine during her visit to New Zealand.

source: kapanlagi via the jakarta post

Young actor and TV host Raffi Ahmad says that he can only blame himself for his recent breakup with actress Yuni Shara, who is 15 years his senior.

“I would like to personally apologize for my mistakes. I admit I have many shortcomings. Whatever they may be, I still love Yuni, Cavin and Cello,” he said and was referring to Yuni’s two sons from her previous marriage to businessman Henry Siahaan.

The 25-year-old actor said that he was saddened knowing that numerous jokes he had made in several TV programs had hurt the feelings of Yuni and her family. “I admit I’m not a perfect man. Yuni is a far better person than me.”



Aktor Jae Hee, yang saat ini sedang membintangi drama akhir pekan berjudul “May Queen” mendapat perhatian yang sangat besar karena statusnya yang masih bujangan. Jae Hee sebenarnya sudah menjalin hubungan dengan seorang wanita bahkan sudah memiliki satu putra berusia 1 tahun.
Berita ini terbongkar melalui artikel di majalah ‘Women Sense’ yang digaungkan sebagai berita ekslusif dari Jae Hee. Sang aktor dikenal sangat rapat menutup kehidupan pribadinya dan ternyata ia justru mengejutkan banyak orang, terutama penggemarnya. Kejutan itu bahkan mengungkapkan bahwa aktor yang bermain di drama “Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang” itu bukan seorang bujangan.
Kisah nyata Jae Hee dalam majalah ‘Women Sense’ dimulai dengan tulisan dia dan seorang wanita bermarga Lee tidak pernah menikah secara resmi. Mereka hidup bersama bagaikan pasangan suami istri dan telah memiliki seorang putra berusia 1 tahun. Karena nona Lee bukanlah selebriti, pasangan ini berusaha untuk menutupi hubungan mereka.
Majalah itu menulis “Meskipun sangat sulit bagi seorang wanita untuk menutupi keberadaan dirinya karena alasan pribadi, tetapi dia (nona Lee) berusaha keras untuk mengatasi kesulitan itu demi cintanya pada keluarga”.
Agensi Jae Hee kini sibuk menyiapkan press release untuk menjawab isu yang tengah beredar di seluruh Korea Selatan.


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