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Younha Dreams About Song Joong Ki After Fangirling Over Him on Twitter
Aktor Song Joong Ki tidak hanya digilai oleh warga biasa tetapi juga oleh penyanyi populer. Penyanyi Younha ternyata terpesona juga dengan Song Joong Ki bahkan ia mengaku pernah memimpikan aktor yang akhir bulan lalu menyelesaikan masa wajib militernya.

Rasa suka Younha pada Song Joong Ki diungkapkannya melalui akun twitternya.

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Actor Tora Sudiro is currently preparing for his new film, Babe Oh Babe, where he will play a dangdut (popular Indonesian folk music) street performer.

The movie is part of an omnibus of four movies and is the second time Tora has starred in an omnibus.

“The movie will come out soon. It’s an omnibus but I can’t remember the main title,” Tora said as quoted by

Tora, who won the best actor award at the 2004 Indonesian Film Festival (FFI), said having a role in an omnibus movie had helped him to survive in the movie industry.

“For me being in an omnibus is special because I can continue to star in movies with many good actors,” he said.

Source: via thejakartapost


It is shortly before 11 a.m. on a rainy day when singer Vidi Aldiano arrives for an exclusive interview and photo session.

Sporting a red hoodie from Daniel Mananta’s ****! I Love Indonesia line, the singer is all smiles – and for good reason.

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ricky jo

Singer-cum-soccer presenter Ricky Johannes, popularly called Ricky Jo, died on Friday aged 43 after suffering a heart attack.

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audy item


Singer Audy Item is worried as she has lost 3 kilograms during the first trimester of her pregnancy.

“My first trimester was awful. I had severe nausea, headache, fever, cold and I could not eat well. That’s why I lost 3 kilograms,” she said.

The wife of actor Iko Uwais said she also felt lazy and became very sensitive.

“I used to be a very neat person, but now, Iko is more diligent than I am,” Audy who accompanied Iko while he filming The Raid 2 in Bandung, West Java, said.

Iko took her to the set because he was worried about her condition.

To ensure a healthy pregnancy, Audy will not be performing on stage for a while.

“People say that when the pregnancy has reached four months, the mother will be fine again. I hope I’ll be just fine after this,” she said.

source: thejakartapost


Singer Yuni Shara visited the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) headquarters to meet her ex-boyfriend Raffi Ahmad who is now under BNN detention for possessing drugs.

Yuni, famous for the 1990 hit song “Hilang Permataku” (Missing Diamond), was accompanied by the lawyer Minola Sebayang. They arrived in BNN at 11.30 a.m.

Yuni, the mother of two, brought a Koran, a sarong and prayer mat for Raffi.

Previously Yuni conveyed her concern over Raffi’s case but refused to comment. She said that she and Raffi had parted ways and they had not communicated for four months.

source: tribune via the jakarta post


Jazz singer Syaharani says that she has been busy promoting her latest single.

“It’s a little bit disco, entitled ‘Ternyata Oh Ternyata’.  The video is already on YouTube,” she said.

Although her new single was not jazzy, it doesn’t mean she is shifting to another genre.

“I just want to feel something different, so I made disco music. It doesn’t mean I am leaving jazz,” Syaharani said.

Although she is singing a disco song, her fans have not left her behind.

“They have been very supportive, they don’t care what kind of songs I perform.”

source: via the jakarta post

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