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Singer Arlan Djoewarsa has said that his wife, singer Astrid Sartiasari, cried when giving birth to their son Alec Djuara Djoewarsa, earlier this week. Arlan said Astrid cried when she could not give birth normally and decided to switch to a caesarean operation.

“Astrid was frustrated that she wasn’t strong enough [for normal childbirth]. I just couldn’t stand seeing her under so much pain. I supported her decision [to have the baby through caesarean],” he said.

Astrid said that Arlan was by her side all through the “smooth” childbirth process.

“The anesthesia was only local [during the childbirth], I could still hear what the doctor was saying. Arlan was brave. He stood by my side when there was so much blood. He talked to me through the process,” she said.

source: via the jakarta post

Celebrity couple Ben Kasyafani and Andriani Marshanda say that they are eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child after their wedding in April 2011.

“Chacha’s weight has increased by 11 kilograms. She is seven months pregnant now and is healthy. The doctor says she is going to have the baby in February,” 29-year-old Ben said.

The former MTV Indonesia VJ said that he hoped Marshanda would be able to give birth naturally.

“She’s ready. She wants to give birth in Jakarta,” he said.

source: kapanlagi via the jakarta post

        Indonesian-German actress Sophia Latjuba said that a Hollywood film producer has expressed interest in turning her life story into a movie.

“I asked them if my life was really that interesting, and they said, it’s better than ‘Sex and The City,’ ” Sophia said. “I’m not sure if that was a compliment.”

But there has not been an official offer yet, so Sophia won’t reveal any more details.

The 42-year-old mother of two was a successful actress and singer in Indonesia. She’s been divorced twice and lives in Los Angeles.

source: the jakarta globe

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