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Singer and actress Amara Mohede said to help her kids understand her job she takes them to film locations.

“I like taking them on set. It introduces them to my job,” she said during filming of Love in Paris: Season 2 in Kemang, South Jakarta.

The mother of three said all her kids got along with the actors and crew.

“They know everyone here. The kids love playing with them,” Amara said.


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Celebrity couple and movie producers Ari “Ale” Sihasale and Nia Zulkarnaen are committed to making movies about children through their production house Alinea Pictures.

“We’re committed to making children’s movies with high educational value. We’re currently producing Leher Angsa [Swan’s Neck] that will be our gift to the children,” Nia said.

The couple said they enjoyed the moments they spent with children during the filming process. They were also impressed by the responsibility the kids had shown during the filming.

Through Alinea Pictures, Nia and Ale have produced several children’s movies, such as Denias, Liburan Seru! (Fun Holiday) and Di Timur Matahari (On the East of the Sun).

“Each year, we will make movies about children,” Nia said.

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A member of trio AB3, Widi Mulia, says she is serious about business, and is not just following the footsteps of her friends.

“I’m serious about my business; it’s not just a side job. I have opened job opportunities for many people,” she said.

For two years now, Widi has been involved in a jewelry business. However, she said that she opened the business too late.

“Too bad I built up the courage to set up a business a bit late,” she said.

She said that doing business was better while she was still young.

“I really encourage people to start exploring entrepreneurship while they are still in school,” she said.

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ferry salim_2
Actor Ferry Salim says what he has learned as a UNICEF ambassador has helped him to educate his own children.

He said he often tells them stories about the dangers of drugs.

“I hope they know that the danger is real and therefore they should stay away from drugs,” he said.

Ferry said he had also used his UNICEF experience when visiting disadvantaged children, able to compare that to his own children’s condition.

By learning from others, he said he hoped his children would be more grateful and could make the best out of their fortunate situation.

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darius sinatrya

Actor and TV presenter Darius Sinathrya says his children protest that he spends too much time working.

“They complain to me and won’t let me leave them at home to go work. I always try to make them understand why I have to work, that it’s for their future,” the 27-year-old husband of actress Donna Agnesia said, as quoted by

Darius and Donna have three children: Lionel Nathan, 5; Diego Andreas, 3; and Queensia Sabrina, 9 months.

The actor, the star of Merah Putih (Red and White) war film trilogy, admitted that it was quite difficult to juggle his roles at work and at home but he remained optimistic.

“When I’m 40, my eldest will be a college student. It’ll be cool.”

source: via the jakarta post

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