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Singer Dewi Persik said that she reduces the frequency of her performances during the fasting month of Ramadhan as she receives few job offers.

“God is fair; during the fasting month not many invite Dewi Persik to perform, which means that Dewi Persik is being told to carry out religious rituals,” she said, speaking in the third person as quoted.

She said she would spend most of her time taking care of her ailing father in Jember, East Java.

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Singer and movie star Nikita Willy was present at her boyfriend’s, football athlete Diego Michiels, hearings last Monday and Thursday. The starlet said she would support her boyfriend, no matter what.

“I don’t have any [soap opera] filming [scheduled] and I am still on vacation from college, so I accompanied Diego,” Nikita.

“[Our] relationship is not just for fun. We have to stick together in other situations like illnesses or problems,” she added.

Diego, a Dutch-born Indonesian soccer player, and his five friends are alleged to have attacked Meff Paripurna at a nightclub in South Jakarta.

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Bassist Barry Likumahuwa said that jazz group Lesmana Likumahuwa works (LLw) would release their second album during the Java Jazz festival in March.

“According to our plan, we will release the album during the Java Jazz. The title of the album is Loose, Loud & Whiz and features seven songs,” he said.

Barry said that although the recording process took only four days, the search for new material took a long time.

“But, I can’t tell you the difference between the first and second albums. We want the album to be a surprise,” he said.

Besides Barry, LLw consists of Indra Lesmana, Ibnu Rafi and Rizky (Kyriz).

The Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival will take place on March 1-3 at the Jakarta International Expo in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

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jesica 'jeje'

Not just the poor were evacuated from their homes as a result of the severe flood that hit Jakarta late last month. Even the privileged were displaced, including Jessica “Jeje” Vania Widjaja, a member of local girl band JKT48.

“My house was flooded really badly. My dad told me to stay at a friend’s house before we moved to a hotel room for a week,” she said.

She said that her family suffered huge losses during the flood. “My family’s two cars were submerged as well as our piano since we weren’t able to move it upstairs.”

She added, however, that she tried to not think about her losses too much. “I feel that [the flood] made me more grateful for everything that I have. [The flood] was an act of God.”

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Singer Arlan Djoewarsa has said that his wife, singer Astrid Sartiasari, cried when giving birth to their son Alec Djuara Djoewarsa, earlier this week. Arlan said Astrid cried when she could not give birth normally and decided to switch to a caesarean operation.

“Astrid was frustrated that she wasn’t strong enough [for normal childbirth]. I just couldn’t stand seeing her under so much pain. I supported her decision [to have the baby through caesarean],” he said.

Astrid said that Arlan was by her side all through the “smooth” childbirth process.

“The anesthesia was only local [during the childbirth], I could still hear what the doctor was saying. Arlan was brave. He stood by my side when there was so much blood. He talked to me through the process,” she said.

source: via the jakarta post

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