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UPDATE: Goo Ja Myung Gets Into Drunk Driving Accident, Will Leave “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education”
Goo Ja Myung, pemenang ajang pencarian bakat ‘Star Audition: Birt of a Great Star’ di MBC akhirnya dikeluarkan dari program acara ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’. Di acara ini ia menjadi salah satu pesert

Goo memang sudah sempat dikabarkan akan dikeluarkan dari acara ini tetapi akhirnya keputusan itu keluar setelah ia mengalami kecelakaan dan diketahui mengendari mobil dalam keadaan mabuk.

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Presenter Ayu Dewi welcomed a baby girl into the world on Monday morning at Pondok Indah Hospital in South Jakarta.

Ayu’s husband, Reggy Datau, said the 2.8-kilogram and 46-centimeter-long baby was born earlier than predicted.

“One of my doctors said the baby would be born around March 14 through 18. But it is all in God’s plan,” he said.

Reggy said he accompanied Ayu throughout her labor.

“I was by her side. I was nervous and actually can’t stand blood, but I was fine,” he said.

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tommy kurninawan_family

Aktor Tommy Kurniawan and his wife, Tania were blessed with a second child on Sunday (2/6).

At 8:49 pm, Tania gave birth to a baby girl weighing 2.96 kg at Pondok Indah hospital, South Jakarta.

Just like Tommy wishess last year, he wish for his second baby was female and Naira Syabila Azzahra Kurniawan was born.

Previously, Tommy expected his second child will born in the birth of his first child on 26 January. However, it turns out the baby girl was born 20 days early.

Tommy and Tania were married on April 11, 2011. On 26 January, 2012, Tania gave birth to their first child, Muhammad Al Fatih Fabrizio.



Comedian and TV presenter Ananda “Omesh” Rusdiana says that he and his wife, who is five months pregnant, have agreed to have a water birth when their baby is due.

“Our friends say that [water birth] is much more comfortable for the mother. We’ve been seeing a therapist [to prepare for it],” said the 26-year-old comic who shot to fame after starring in the comedy sketch show Extravaganza a few years ago.

Omesh, who wedded news anchor Dian Ayu Lestari in July last year, said that he and Dian were also busy reading about pregnancy and the water-birth technique to prepare for their baby’s delivery.

He added that he was surprised by his wife’s wild mood swings in the pregnancy’s first month. “Her emotions were very unstable. One time, she broke down and cried her eyes out. I thought she had just received some bad news from our family when, in fact, it was only because of a movie she was watching.”

source: the jakarta post

Singer Arlan Djoewarsa has said that his wife, singer Astrid Sartiasari, cried when giving birth to their son Alec Djuara Djoewarsa, earlier this week. Arlan said Astrid cried when she could not give birth normally and decided to switch to a caesarean operation.

“Astrid was frustrated that she wasn’t strong enough [for normal childbirth]. I just couldn’t stand seeing her under so much pain. I supported her decision [to have the baby through caesarean],” he said.

Astrid said that Arlan was by her side all through the “smooth” childbirth process.

“The anesthesia was only local [during the childbirth], I could still hear what the doctor was saying. Arlan was brave. He stood by my side when there was so much blood. He talked to me through the process,” she said.

source: via the jakarta post

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