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The multi-talented Agnes Monica is adapting to living in the US, saying the environment in the country makes her feel comfortable.

Agnes recently uploaded a video of herself spending time in Los Angeles, California, on YouTube.

In the video, Agnes, who started her career when she was 6 years old, is in a car on Los Angeles Street and talks about the clean air and the traffic.

The actress, who recorded a duet version of “Said I Loved You But I Lied,” with the American singer Michael Bolton, also said although there were traffic jams in LA, the situation was better compared to Indonesia.

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agnes monica

Since unveiling her Instagram photosharing account, singer Agnes Monica already has 12,000 followers in just four days.

At first, Agnes locked her @agnezmo Instagram account, but decided to open it to the public starting from March.

Previously, Agnes had posted a total of 145 photos and had only 406 followers.

Since she unlocked it, many of her photos sparked curiosity, including her photos with a mysterious bespectacled man named Ronald Steven.


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Singer Agnes Monica was listed as one of the worst-dressed celebrities in the Fab or Drab column on last week.

She was placed second by a total of 317 people who clicked “drab”, beating Kim Kardashian who ended up in third place.

Agnes was voted down by visitors to the site for wearing a leopard-print bra and batik vest combined with short, faded jeans and calf-length boots at the launch of the mPowering Action Mobile Platform in Los Angeles.

The multitalented performer is known for experimenting with fashion, such as color-blocking her outfits.

Also joining Agnes on the worst-dressed list were actress Aubrey O’Day in first place, Kim Kardashian, singer Jojo and actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

source: thejakartapost

agnes monica

Indonesian popstar Agnes Monica performed a Timbaland-produced song at a United Nations sponsored launch party before the Grammy Awards on Friday.

Agnes took to the stage of the Conga Room in downtown Los Angeles to perform the Timbaland-produced track “Show a Little Love,” according to reports on Rolling Stone.

The UN event was attended by Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Estelle and Avicii.

The 26-year-old Indonesian star began her career as a singer and actress in Indonesia before making the jump to the international stage.

She recently performed at a concert in Brazil in January and on the sidelines of the American Music Awards in Los Angeles in 201.

source: the jakarta global

agnes monica


Talented Indonesian singer Agnes Monica has proven that she is not just a pretty pop diva with a remarkable voice and fascinating dance moves but also a good public speaker who can woo audiences with an inspiring speech.

The 26-year-old shone on the stage of an international forum for youth in Bali recently. But, this time, the starlet did it differently. There was no signature powerful singing by Agnes, nor any stunning choreography with dancers, yet the award-winning and multiplatinum singer still captivated the audience just by talking.

In a less than 10-minute speech, Agnes encouraged the young generation to pursue their dreams and be winners.

“I just remember what my mom used to tell me and held on to that,” she said, “A true winner is someone who not only wins but faces their problems, solves them and still comes out a winner,” Agnes said to thunderous applause.

The event, Global Youth Forum, is an international conference sponsored by UN agencies that gather more than 900 participants from around the world. This year, the forum took place in Nusa Dua, Bali, from Dec. 4 to 6 and raised topics such as education, employment and family.

Agnes, deemed an inspiring young Indonesian performer with her relentless effort to go international, was selected to deliver the opening speech. reported that Agnes’ appearance resulted in the event becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

On stage, Agnes shared a moving story on how she had struggled to keep her dreams alive despite challenges and opposition. In very fluent English, Agnes said she had always dreamed of winning her first Grammy, which was unfortunately met with a negative response from the public, with the media labeling her as arrogant.

Yet, Agnes refused to give up. She continues to dream and hopes to make it happen eventually. The singer, who recently won Shorty Awards in New York, defeating Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber as the most influential artist on social media sites, is set to release her first international debut single with American producer, songwriter and rapper Timbaland.

“Live up to our expectation and do more to make it happen. It only takes one step to run a mile. Do not be afraid to dream, believe and make it happen,” she said in sharing the key to success, while repeating her catchphrase “Dream, Believe and Make it Happen”, which she has also put on her twitter bio.

Reflecting on her own case, Agnes at the end of her speech tried to persuade the young generation to continue dreaming and make the world a better place, referring to how the concepts of democracy and equal rights started from a dream.

“Martin Luther said in 1963 ‘I have a dream’, and 50 years later, Barack Obama said ‘Yes we can’,” she said to cheers from the audience.

source: the jakarta post

Singer Agnes Monica ranted on her Twitter account on Wednesday when she found the locks on her bags had been tampered upon arriving at a local airport from Singapore via a Singapore Airlines flight.

“At an Indonesian airport, [I found that] my luggage locks had been forcefully opened. Where’s the responsibility here?” the 26-year-old singer said on her Twitter account @agnezmo.

She said that the locks on two of her bags were damaged while another piece of luggage was missing. “The locks that are damaged were TSA locks. If this is the work of [airport] officials, they would’ve opened the TSA locks instead of forcefully opening them like this,” she said, referring to the type of locks approved by the United States Transportation Security Administration.

Singapore Airlines said via its Twitter @SingaporeAir that it would investigate the incident and that Agnes’ missing luggage had been found.

The airport authority said it would be responsible if the incident happened in a public area of the airport.


source: the jakarta post

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