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Singer Katon Bagaskara says he is fit enough to continue his activities as he is recovering more quickly than predicted.

He said he was told by doctors that it would take three months for him to recover, but less than a month later, he said he felt much better.

“I’m following my therapist’s suggestions. I’m taking a conservative treatment: no surgery, just using herbal medicines,” he said.

He said he consumed red rice, soy milk, natural honey and organic fruit every day.

“In addition, I don’t eat fried meals or food with added flavors,” he said.

Katon has started to rehearse with other KLa Project members, Lilo and Adi, for their concert, which is slated to take place on Aug. 23 at the Indoor Tennis Stadium in Senayan, Central Jakarta.

Katon injured his shoulder blade after falling off a stage during the KLa Project’s “Bersama Kita Bintang: Reunited” concert in Senayan last month.


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Actress Atiqah Hasiholan says that although she only first started to become interested in cooking last year, she has already experimented with her newfound interest in food preparation.

“It’s not a hobby yet, but I’ve taken a liking to it. My family and my boyfriend often ask me to cook, so I try make what they want,” she said.

Atiqah, who played in Mirror Never Lies, said her father often asked her to cook chicken curry, and her siblings liked ayam taliwang (a local dish from Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara).

However, she said she found that Indonesian food was difficult to prepare.

“Indonesian meals are quite complicated to cook. When I was in Australia, I used to only cook simple things,” she said.

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Girl band JKT 48 is hoping to make it onto the big screen, saying that acting is already part of its role as an entertainer.

Melody, one of the band’s members, said that the band would often incorporate theatrical performances during concerts, which is how the band got used to acting.

“We dance, sing and act too,” she said.

Melody said the girls would definitely accept an offer to turn their story as a band into a feature film as it would be a good way to prove themselves as entertainers.

Currently, the group is busy touring across five cities. After Makassar, they will perform in Solo, Balikpapan, Surabaya and Jakarta.


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Singer-songwriter Maia Estianty says she prefers going to the gym to shopping malls in her spare time.

“When I’m not singing, or recording, or managing the girl band, I usually go to the gym and try to have enough rest because we tend to work overtime in this job,” Maia said.

In addition, she said, she did not like going to the malls, as it would only make her a consumptive person.

“I will go the malls if I really need to buy something there, like buying clothes for my job, or sometimes to hang out with his three sons,” Maia said.

bjah in prison
Bjah, former vocalist of the band The Fly, is facing prison after being named a suspect in a narcotics case.

“He is charged under Article 127 Law. No. 35 on Narcotics, which carries four years’ imprisonment,” said Brig. Gen. Armand Depari of the narcotics crime division of the National Police Criminal Investigation Directorate (Bareskrim).

Bjah, whose real name is Muhammad Hamzah, and his friends were arrested by the police on Wednesday night at a nightclub in the Harmoni area, Central Jakarta.

The police are currently investigating the case to determine whether to treat the suspects as alleged users or distributors.

“We haven’t decided yet, it is still being investigated, but we are detaining the suspects for now,” he said.


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Vocal group B3, formerly known as AB Three, will hold a concert at Teater Jakarta in Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) in Central Jakarta on Nov. 3 to mark their 20th anniversary.

“The concert is to mark their 20-year journey in Indonesia’s music industry,” Baldy Mulya Putra, the concert’s producer, said.

Baldy said noted local composer Andy Rianto would be involved in the concert.

He said the group — consisting of Riafinola Ifani Sari (Nola), Widi Mulia and Cynthia Lamusu — would start rehearsals in July.

“The concept for the concert is 75 percent complete. Next, we will start vocals and choreography rehearsals,” he said, adding they had prepared a grand concept for the concert.


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Girlband Cherrybelle has started to scale down its performing schedule before the start of the Muslim fasting month.

“Not really limiting our schedule, but it’s just not like our usual busy schedule,” said one of the members, Cherly.

Cherly said that during the fasting month, the nine-girl band, famous for its song “Love Is You” would focus on activities that did not require much energy.

“According to the schedule that we have received, the upcoming activities are not too heavy,” Cherly said.

“Annisa [another member] is fasting, so we have to be tolerant,” Christy said.

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