Nuri Maulida: Waking up Late on Days Off

Posted on: July 14, 2013

nuri maulida_hijab

Actress Nuri Maulida has added fashion designing as her new interest, collaborating with her mother in Nuri Maulida Fashion since last year.

Nuri is famous for playing in soap operas and movies.

“Being an entertainer — playing roles [in soap operas and films] and going on stage to sing — and knowing that people are enjoying the show, it is one great feeling.

Meanwhile, receiving appreciation from those who love my clothing designs is another great feeling.

Both activities are simply the best things to do. Actually, I’ve been running the clothing boutique — under a different name — for five years.

I didn’t do much designing back then, but when I decided to transform the boutique into Nuri Maulida Fashion a year ago, I’m 100 percent involved in the creative work.

I design the line in accordance with my decision to wear all-covering atelier. It all started when I found problems finding suitable clothing.

Then, I tried to sketch what I was seeking and put it into an outfit. Thankfully, it has now grown into a successful business.

My signature is button details, some of them in various colors. I think that any simple clothing, a blazer for example, can look different with buttons as detail.

Plus, I like colors, so there has got to be a lot of colors in my drawings.

But I’m not the only creative person in my family. My mother does the same, especially gowns. Most of our gowns are designed by my mother.

It’s so much fun to have a mother who also sees fashion as her passion.

For me, inspiration in fashion design comes from local and international designers. Rising fashion specialist Dian Pelangi was the one who motivated me into what I am today.

She’s talented and so young, such a great aspiration.

Internationally, I like what Chanel does. I basically like blazers, and Chanel is just simply wonderful in doing blazers.

With the new line, I hope that I can encourage people to wear all-cover clothing, because it is chic and fuss-free, but it still follows basic Islamic fashion rules.

Apart from my hectic schedule, I like to have some good times – alone or with family members.

The simplest thing in my kind of me-time is waking up a bit late. My mother knows that when I have had a rough night, I will wake up at around nine in the morning.

At other free times, I also love to go to the hair salon to have a good massage, cook or go to the bowling alley or eat out with my family.

I love to go out of town, I enjoy sightseeing, but my recent schedule has forced me to slow it down a bit. The only thing I can do is take an extra day whenever I have a job outside the city.

Speaking of traveling, my ultimate favorite destination is Mecca — an umroh pilgrimage trip to the city last year encouraged me to wear the covered clothing. Once you go there, you will feel the need to go again.

Another place that I will always want to visit is Bali. As for my dream city, it is the one and only Paris — I hope I can go there one day.”

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