Prisia wants to try every role in acting

Posted on: May 11, 2013

prisia wulandari nasution
Actress Prisia Nasution says she wants to try all kinds of roles in her upcoming movies.

“In my second movie, Laura & Marsha, I became a travel agent. Previously, I was a dancer in Sang Penari. There are still many roles I haven’t tried,” she said.

To support her acting in a movie, she always tries to find a way of connecting with her character.

“In acting, I always try to get a reference from everything that I have experienced, like a feeling I have felt or to get a reference from other people,” Prisia said.

For example, she said, if she got a role as a mother, she would look to her friends on how they take care of their children.

source: via thejakartapost


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