Tangga Stepping Up!

Posted on: May 9, 2013


Tangga is back with a brand new album. But will it be as good as the quartet’s previous efforts?

We’ve seen plenty of talent cropping up on the local music scene over the years, but none quite like Tangga (it literally means stairs). The debut of the foursome’s self-titled album in 2005, and its infectiously catchy tunes, really struck a chord with listeners.

The youthful personas of Mohammed Kamga, Tata Hadiwijoyo, Nerra Merlin and Chevrina Anayang also led to them quickly becoming household names.  Two equally successful albums soon followed: Cinta Begini (Love Like This) in 2007 and Lost in Love in 2008.

After four years, the group is back with a new album, Utuh (Whole), also the title of the first single from the album. You probably know the words by now because it has received plenty of airplay since its release in December 2012.

Just like other popular bands, holding a group together in the cutthroat world of show business is no easy thing to do. While Tangga has had its fair share of drama, its members assure us they are just as tight-knit as ever.

“When you have four people in a group, it’s totally normal to have disagreements. Personalities and creative differences aren’t easy to deal with,”  says Chevrina, who replaced original member Desty back in 2007.

“But at the end of the day, you have to compromise and find common ground. I’ve learned that how you deal with these problems is what’s important since it helps in resolving the differences.”

She adds that drawing out the best of what each member has to offer is the real secret behind their music, and declares Utuh is their best collaborative effort to date. Together with music arrangers and producers, each member of the group has been personally involved in creating the album.

The end result is a record that really showcases the group’s impressive music arrangement and vocal range. Besides their signature uplifting songs, the album also includes covers of hits such as Koes Plus’ Kembali Ke Jakarta (Back to Jakarta) and Sheila on 7’s Sephia.

Did we mention that they also co-wrote the lyrics on some of the songs?

“We didn’t find any major obstacles during the songwriting process. It was actually quite exciting, since we were able to transform the ideas and lyrics in our heads and realize them together,” Tata dishes about their time in the studio.

“Mas Harry Budiman (their producer) did an amazing job guiding us through the process. He let us be creative without pushing us too far.”

Making an album isn’t as easy as some may believe, especially when you’ve been out of the recording studio for four years. But the real question is whether Tangga will be able to climb its way back to the top of the charts.

When asked if they felt pressured to prove themselves to the public, Kamga replied: “I think for any artiste, the fourth album is when you no longer have to prove yourself anymore. We wanted to write songs that we ourselves truly enjoy listening to, and we hope people will like it too. Basically we just wanted to make good music.”

So what’s next for Tangga? While nothing’s been confirmed, they do plan on holding several concerts throughoutIndonesiain the coming months.

“We really want to give something back to the fans. We’re still working on the details. Hopefully everything goes well and we will be able to hold the concerts,” Tata says.

source: youthspeak


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