Into beauty and shopping

Posted on: May 8, 2013


Chatty emcee Fidya Yunita, popularly known as Ivy Batuta, is a familiar face at fashion and lifestyle events, brightening up the events she hosts with her humorous remarks.

Besides live events, the 35-year-old mother of two daughters also hosts a radio show and presents some shows on television.

“Spare time for me is when I’m not doing any work. It means that I can go visit my friends or partake of some pleasant retail therapy without my kids tailing behind me – they are 3 and 2 years old, by the way.

I like to read books and I’m also fond of writing for my own enjoyment.

I’m not the kind a woman who likes to treat myself in a hair salon. For me, going to a hair salon is no longer a special occasion to entertain myself.

For the past six years, I’ve been treated to a privilege from L’Oreal Professionnel because I’m the emcee for its events.

The privilege allows me to go the brand’s salons anytime I want for every hair treatment I need.

Due to my tight schedule, I go to the salons quite often and my visits are closely related to my work.

Talking about work, however, I like going to the salons because I can get my hair dyed beautifully. As I mostly work under spotlights or out in the sun, having dyed hair is simply a must.

I personally don’t find plain black hair that attractive on a stage with bright lights shining down on you. As with everything else in this world that looks more beautiful in colors, I apply that feeling to my hair.

I have my hair dyed quite often, usually once every two months. It doesn’t ruin my hair as long as I use good quality shampoo and other products to keep it healthy.

When I feel tired and need a good massage, I usually call someone over and have a session at home. Also, if I’m in the mood for treating my hair, like having a good hair spa, I will call someone from a hair salon and the person will provide the treatment at my house.

It is so great to have the treatment done at home because it’s fuss-free plus I don’t have to leave the house, which is a real luxury for me.

As for family time, I don’t consider it free time. For mothers, family time equals work. Don’t you agree with that?

I also can’t say that traveling provides enjoyable time for myself because it’s mostly to do with my work.”

source: thejakartapost


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