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Apart from being part of the nation’s cultural heritage, gedog batik from Tuban, a coastal city in East Java, is also a prize commodity for the region, helping to alleviate poverty and accelerate economic growth in the community.

The noisy sounds of numerous weaving looms — hence the name gedog — and the rows of hundreds of workers’ bicycles mark the daily activity at a batik home industry owned by Ikhwan Ashari, 38, in Kedungrejo village in Kerek district, Tuban.

“Decades ago this village was deserted. Batik making was just women’s side work to help their husbands who farmed earn extra income. Now the strengthening village economy relies on gedog batik,” Ikhwan said.

Ikhwan said over 30 batik producers in his village had recorded at least Rp 2 billion (US$206,780) worth of annual turnover and employed more than 3,000 gedog batik craftspeople.

After UNESCO’s recognition of batik as a cultural heritage of Indonesia in 2009, gedog has been exported to Asian and European countries as well as to the US.

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nera merlin

This former teen magazine model has held true to her feminine side, even after becoming a singer for Tangga.

Close to the singing world since she was little, the 27-year-old first took part in singing contests when she joined Elfa’s Secioria, which led her to Austria and South Korea.

Despite the offer of a singing contract in Korea, Nerra Merlin chose to stay with Tangga, which was first set up in 2005 and is now busy promoting its fourth album, Utuh (Complete).

“The four of singers Tangga have different characters that we try to highlight in our performance and with our fashion sense. I am more into the feminine, while Chevrina tends to be boyish, Kamga is very dandy and Tata loves hip-hop style.
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mika tambayong


Actress and singer Mikha Tambayong said she does not want to choose between her acting and singing career.

“It would be difficult to choose. I would like both careers to go hand-in-hand,” said the 18-year-old celebrity.

The online news portal reported that she was seen performing several songs during a Christmas concert in Jakarta last weekend.

Mikha herself admitted that singing was not new for her.

“Singing runs in my family,” said the niece of singer Harvey Malaiholo. “Right now I want to focus on acting. But I will sing once in a while.”

source: kompas via the jakarta post

olla ramlan_aufar

Newlywed celebrity couple Olla Ramlan and Aufar Hutapea say they are planning to go to Turkey for their honeymoon.

“We want to go to Singapore first and then back to Jakarta, because I have a job to do. After that, God willing, we will go to Turkey,” Olla said.

Their wedding was held at a mosque in Depok, south of Jakarta, on Thursday, in a live TV event.

Olla said going to Turkey had been her and Aufar’s dream since they were still dating. “I hear the country is so beautiful. Aufar and I are dying to go there,” said the 32-year-old TV actress and presenter.

source: kompas via the jakarta post

iko uwais


Martial arts actor Iko Uwais says he hopes his wife, singer Audy Item, will get pregnant soon so they can have a baby next year.

“Hopefully my marriage will bear fruit in 2013. Having a child with my wife is my biggest hope right now,” said the 29-year-old actor who shot to fame after starring in Gareth Evans’ martial arts movie Merantau in 2009.

Iko married Audy, 29, in June this year after his widely publicized whirlwind romance with actress Jane Shalimar abruptly ended.

His martial arts talent in his latest film, The Raid: Redemption, gained him international praise, and he is now preparing for the film’s sequel, Berandal (Thugs).

source: kompas via the jakarta post

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